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Serving Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, and surrounding areas, our experienced inspectors use the best in technology to help you make better decisions about your home.
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What can you expect from a Nest Egg inspection?

We look deeper

Our licensed inspectors go above and beyond what’s required in our investigation of your home.  We’re not afraid to get dirty, crawling under the house and going all the way into the attic.  We also leverage the latest technology, all to help us uncover issues that others can’t see. We offer a wide range of testing and inspections, including drone inspections and infrared scans.

We're experienced

We aim to be the best home inspectors in North Carolina and are trained by the best in the industry to deliver inspections you can trust. We’re field-tested by AHIT, certified by InterNACHI, screened & approved by HomeAdvisor and more. Check out our certifications and accreditations for more on our standards of quality.

We're here for you

We’ll schedule your home inspection quickly, then provide you with a detailed report to explain our findings. Afterwards, we’re still here for you to answer questions, offer provider referrals, or re-inspect after a repair. Find out more about our leadership team and our commitment to our customers!

Our comprehensive home inspections:

For Buyers

Experienced realtors will tell you that a home inspection not only identifies potential problems with a home, but it gives you better negotiating power with the seller!

For Sellers

Did you know a pre-listing inspection can help you close faster? Provide a copy of our report to prospective buyers to reduce or eliminate common post-inspection negotiations. Plus, getting an inspection early helps you decide on which improvements to make before listing.

Before drywall goes up

When building a new home, the best time to prevent a future repair is before enclosing the walls with drywall. We’ll document what’s behind your walls and identify potential problems.

New home warranty inspections

Keep your builder accountable for repairs they are responsible to fix! Usually performed in the eleventh month but before your one-year warranty expires, our inspection can save you money now and create a maintenance plan for savings in the future.

Annual home health check-up

Your home is likely your most important investment. Our report helps you protect your nest egg by preventing costly damage and emergency repairs, all while helping you keep your family safe from potential hazards.

Our inspectors have the best gadgets:

Infrared Scanners

Our handheld scanners allow our inspectors to “see” through walls to uncover moisture damage, active water leaks, insulation problems, and ductwork issues.

Advanced Drones

Our drones are equipped with high-definition cameras to safely document those hard-to-access areas of your home including your roof, chimney, and gutter systems.

Radon Monitors

More accurate than DIY kits, our radon monitors gather data for 48 hours to determine if radon mitigation is needed or if your existing system is working properly.

Testers & Meters Galore!

Our home inspectors are equipped with lots of other gadgets, like moisture meters, circuit testers, voltage testers, and combustible gas detectors.

We use the best in today’s technology to give you the information you need. Find out more about the specialty testing and inspections we offer homeowners in the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, and Wake Forest). If you have a problem in your home, we just might have a gadget that can help!

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Common Home Inspection Findings – Kick-Out Flashing

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Our inspectors are overachievers:

Licensed by North Carolina


Field-tested by the American Home Inspectors Training Institute


Held to the highest industry standards


Specially certified as Radon Testers


Certified for infrared analysis


Licensed sUAS Drone Pilots


InterNACHI Move-in Certified inspectors


"Screened & Approved" by HomeAdvisor

Our home inspectors go way beyond the minimum required by North Carolina so that we can best guide you through the sale, purchase, or maintenance of your home. Find out more about the certifications and continuing education of our inspector team.