Dale Edwards, Licensed Inspector at Nest Egg Home Services

Dale Edwards, Certified Indoor Air Quality Inspector

Meet Dale Edwards.  Dale has been a Certified Home Inspector with Nest Egg Home Services since 2017.  But did you know that he also is a Certified Indoor Air Quality Inspector?  With his background in HVAC Installation and Maintenance, this specialization was a great fit from the start.  Dale’s passionate about air quality and air flow.  Yes, these type of people do exist!  He has recently added Certified Ozone Technician to his long list of credentials, helping to decontaminate the air and surfaces inside your home from harmful bacteria, virus, and germs. With a son that has asthma and allergies, Dale is passionate about understanding the impact your environment can have on your health and enjoys educating others.  In his free time, he loves hanging with his car buddies, spending time with his family, and racing his car at the drag strip.

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