Home Management Services

Helping you protect and maintain the value of your home

Make your home a “nest egg home”

Our licensed home inspectors at Nest Egg Home Services have the knowledge and technology you need to help you protect what is likely your most valuable asset…your home!

Staying on top of the maintenance of your home can be a challenge, from researching what needs to be done, to prioritizing when maintenance tasks are needed, to finding trustworthy service professionals to handle the work you don’t want to do for yourself. Nest Egg’s home management services can help:

Avoid costly repairs

Who wants the hassle and extra cost that comes with an emergency service call? We give you the support you need to keep your home well-maintained with fewer unexpected repairs.

Sell for more

Personalized advice and preventative maintenance plans protect the market value in your home and help you get top dollar when it comes time to sell…and help you enjoy your home while you’re there!

Keep your family safe

We help you protect your loved ones with practical preventative maintenance plans and personalized advice to keep you and your family safe, healthy, and happy in your home.

Our service plans

Each of our home management service plans start with our annual home health check-up so that we have a baseline for the current condition of your home’s major systems and appliances. We’ll deliver a detailed report with photographs and recommendations.

Next, we work with you to provide a personalized custom maintenance plan that’s right for your home and your family. As we’re an independent third party and have no affiliations with or incentives from service providers, you can trust our recommendations and validation checks. Simply put, we’re here for you and look out your best interests.

Here’s a summary of what’s included in our Plus, Premier, or Concierge options according to the amount of support you need to protect and maintain your home:

You can trust Nest Egg to give you a thorough inspection and recommendations!
- Tammy Bliss of Raleigh, NC

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