enviro-clean Sanitizing Services

Helping germs move out so you can move in!

Why have your home sanitized?


Sanitize germs away

During this time of increased concern about safety and cleanliness, put your mind at ease by having our technicians sanitize your new home and help the germs move out before you move in.

Remove odors

Whether you’re buying or selling, no one likes odors that linger in the air. Start fresh by decreasing odors through sanitization services.

Increase buyers confidence

Help your house stand out from the rest and put buyers minds at ease by marketing this service as part of the sale.  Help them know that your house can give them the fresh start they’re looking for!

What you get:

Our team of certified technicians have the expertise and technology to decontaminate your home from top to bottom. We’ve invested in solutions that sanitize a home from harmful virus, bacteria, and allergens both in the air and on surfaces.  Enviro-Clean Home Sanitization utilizes our ozone generating devices which create an O3 rich environment, and after airborne and surface contaminants are killed, ensure the O3 breaks back down to O2 naturally.  We also employ UVC light on all high touch surfaces providing twice the protection.

Our team of certified technicians are indoor air quality professionals, are trained on best practices dealing with COVID-19 concerns, and certified ozone technicians.  Check out our certifications galore from AHIT, InterNACHI, the FAA, National Ozone Association, plus we’re “Screened and Approved” by HomeAdvisor. We go far beyond what most home inspectors in our area provide, from the technology we use to our best-in-class customer service.

Here’s what is included in our Enviro-Clean Home Sanitization Service:

Preparation & Sanitization

Our technicians assesses the set up of your home to provide optimal placement of our equipment.  An additional ozone machine is placed for each HVAC system installed in your home, and fans placed to establish the desired airflow to ensure optimal coverage.  After ensuring all people are out of the home, our equipment is set to complete the treatment.

Extra Attention for High Touch Surfaces

Once treatment has completed, our technicians re-enter the home and ensure all ozone has safely and naturally broken back down into oxygen.  UVA light technology is used on all high-touch surfaces, equipment is removed, and the house is cleared for re-entry.

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