Inspections for new construction homes

Giving you peace of mind in a well-built home

When should a new construction home be inspected?

Building a house is a complex process involving many hands. Contractors with the best of intentions may not realize when their work has an impact on the work of another provider. Finding construction issues later can be extremely costly, and can be a point of disagreement between a home owner and their builder.

Home Inspections by a qualified, independent third party help ensure everyone’s work is performed in harmony and to the level of quality you deserve. It’s a cost-effective way to find out potential issues, and should issues be uncovered you’ll have the documentation needed to submit to your builder.

Savvy home buyers inspect their new home at the following stages in the building process:

Before drywall goes up

The best time to identify defects in construction materials or a contractor’s work is before the drywall goes up. Our licensed inspector checks out the major structural, electrical, and plumbing components with documentation and photos of our findings. TIP: This can boost the home’s resale value by increasing the confidence of the next buyer!

Right before closing

Before you close on your new home, our licensed inspectors follow a comprehensive checklist to identify potential safety hazards that if unchecked could cause a fire, injury, or illness. Our checklist includes a review of major components and systems as well as a drone roof inspection and infrared scan. We’ll also help you with a maintenance plan to avoid future problems.

Before your warranty expires

Typically completed 11 months after your closing, our Warranty Inspection helps you take full advantage of your builder’s one-year warranty. Just like during your earlier inspections, we’ll check your home’s electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and structural systems plus we’ll bring along our best gadgets for a drone roof inspection and infrared scan.

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