Pre-drywall Inspections

The best time to find out what's behind your walls!

Why inspect a new home before drywall goes up?


Ensure structure is solid

Structural issues could take years to become evident.  Ensure your home starts out on solid footing (pun intended) from day one.

Inspect components while visible

Most of the electrical, plumbing, heating, air, and ventilation systems will be hidden by insulation and drywall soon.  Issues that are easy to find now may not be detected until after they cause major damage down the road.

Find issues while they are still easy to address

Once the home is complete, addressing a small item can be a large undertaking. Especially if it isn’t found until you’re already living in the home. Save time and money by finding issues up front that the builder fixes at no cost to you.

What you get:

Our team of professional home inspectors have the expertise and technology to give you the information you need when buying a new home. Our home inspector performs pre-drywall inspections and home inspection services in the Durham, Holly Springs, NC area.

Not only are we licensed by North Carolina, but we have certifications galore from AHIT, InterNACHI, the FAA, plus we’re “Screened and Approved” by HomeAdvisor. We go far beyond what most home inspectors in our area provide, from the technology we use to our best-in-class customer service.

Here’s what is included in a Nest Egg Pre-drywall Inspection:

On-site Comprehensive Inspection

Our licensed home inspector assesses the current condition of your home’s major components and systems to identify potential repairs or safety hazards. This includes your home’s:

  • Electrical wiring and connections
  • Plumbing pipes and connections
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) ductwork
  • Structural system including your foundation, wall structure, and framing

Detailed report with plenty of photos

Within three business days of the inspection date, we’ll send you a link to download our complete Inspection Report. Our report will:

  • Detail critical issues with photographs and recommendations for a resolution
  • Identify minor recommendations to consider addressing

Follow-up after your inspection

After your report is delivered, we’ll follow-up to see if you have any questions.  We are happy to walk through the report findings with you, or any professionals involved in your home building or purchase process as requested.

  • Want to make sure that a repair was fixed properly? Add on a repair validation visit (separate charge or included in any service package) to check up on proper resolution of items noted in the report.

Other inspections for new homes:

If you’re having a new construction home built, you may also want to consider:

  • A comprehensive home inspection is performed before you move in to ensure the safety and quality of your new home
  • A warranty inspection is scheduled around the eleventh month to address issues before the one-year warranty from your builder expires

Get in touch with our team!

We would be happy to answer your questions personally, or check our frequently asked questions. As soon as you’re ready, we’ll schedule a prompt inspection to give you the information you need quickly.