Preliminary Inspections

Helping buyers make a great decision

Why have an inspection before you make an offer?


Experienced Eyes

Our experienced licensed home inspectors have trained eyes to see signs of potential moisture and structural issues visible during your showing.


Make a Smart Investment

Gain confidence knowing what home is right for you before making an investment. Our preliminary inspection will help you decide if a home is a good investment.


Identify Costly Repairs

A preliminary inspection may be for you if your heart is set on a home, but you want to know if visible defects with costly repairs will be manageable.

What you get:

What is the benefit for you to have a home inspected before you put an offer in and why should you schedule a full inspection after your offer has been accepted? When you are house hunting and find a home you love, you don’t want to put thousands down and risk losing it after your home inspection reveals costly repairs are needed. A preliminary inspection will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to move forward or move on.

Here’s what is included in a Nest Egg Preliminary Inspection:

Onsite Visual Inspection

During your showing appointment, our licensed home inspector will assess the current condition of the home by doing a visual inspection. The main areas of focus being potential moisture intrusion, structural issues, easily visible roof issues, and the age and general condition of key systems such as the HVAC.

Summary Report

After the appointment, we’ll send you a link to view and download our inspection report. Our report will:

  • Summarize the finding of potential issues
  • Include photos of the defects found
  • Provide valuable information to help you determine if you want to make an offer on this home.


After your appointment, you will receive an email with a promo code for $50 off when you schedule a full home inspection with us. You do not need to schedule with the same home we initially did the preliminary on.

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We would be happy to answer your questions personally, or check our frequently asked questions. As soon as you’re ready, we’ll schedule a prompt inspection to give you the information you need quickly.